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Ideas, create words like whileness?

Need us to write a plan? Train your employees to communicate more effectively?

Building Sustainability + Creating Wholeness


 PaveAPatch: Momentum to The Peak

Business/Personal Communications

Covering Most Industry's & Market-Places

  •   Services:  Simple as 1-2-3-4-Even5

  •  Starting Point: Choose One, Three, or More!

  1.  Author Assistance: Writing to the right demographic or target audience. Including essays, summaries, conclusions - no messages or stories is too short or long, we accommodate to satisfaction.

  2. Upcoming Speeches: Warm-up preparations, calm the nerves - build confidence, accomplish with ease, follow the steps for success.  Hire us to come speak to your class, team, other!

  3. Mentorship: Skype sessions, in-office, desired location, within 60 mile radius of Tampa, FL.

  4.  Business Consulting/Coaching: Simply fill out our form, email us, message, or call today!  Put our valuable planning, advice, & ideas into action... increase productivity, cash-flow, & more. 

  5. Suggest Something Else: "Fill in the blank"

  • Objectives + Priorities: Reaching the extra mile to assure satisfaction - we aim to build long-term relationships.

Strategic Communication: In short... this can mean either communicating a concept, a process, or data that satisfies a short/long-term strategic goal of an organization, by allowing facilitation of advanced planning, uniquely, &/or effectively communicating like-able/usable services, solutions, software, etc.  

Business Plan: Formal statement of business goals, reasons they're attainable, and plans for reaching them. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals.  

Pricing Plan Options: Fixed bid, hourly rates, projects estimated time-line/workload.  

1. One: Lets get started.   

2. Twin: Two is more then one. 

3. Triplet: Three is a lot to handle. 

4. Quad: Four golden eggs. 

5. Five: Could be worth it.

Key Values: Character, Integrity, Loyalty

Catapult into Momentum + Shift into Creativity

Energize. Build. Create. Succeed.

❖  Schedule a no cost on-site assessment, receive a free estimate!

 PaveAPatch: Momentum to The Peak

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